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  • It's not about optimism or pessimism: Review of Ashlee Vance's Elon Musk Biography

    Vance's portrait of Elon Musk has forced me to dramatically consider the lens through which I view new opportunities and has really challenged me to think bigger. Of course, I question whether you can judge a priori that something will be "life-changing"-- as Steve Jobs once said, you can really only connect the dots looking backwards. Nonetheless, it has forced me to question values that I strongly believed in, such as the balance between treating people well and doing whatever is necessary for the cause.
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  • Boston Marathon 2018 Race Report Part 2: What it was like to run in 38-degree rain and 25 mph headwinds

    I was fortunate enough to run in the 2018 Boston Marathon. Between it being my first time running Boston and the rare mix of 38-degree freezing rain, and strong headwinds, it's a race that I'll never forget. I hope this race report helps someone running Boston or another bad-weather marathon in the future.
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  • Boston Marathon 2018 Race Report Part 1: My journey to Boston

    Dreaming of qualifying for the Boston Marathon? I first heard the phrase "Boston qualify" on the night before I ran my first marathon a little less than five years ago. Here's how Boston went from being a faraway dream to a goal for me.
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  • Thanks George

    George Tang was one of my best friends. I learned so much from him, and am still learning from him, years after he passed away. I originally wrote this down to speak at George's memorial service back in January 2014.
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  • 17 thoughts on running, startups, and life while running 2017 miles in 2017

    Once you do something that much, people usually like to say “X is your life”. That’s partially true— it takes up a lot of your life, but more importantly, you start to see lots of analogies for life in it. Running has given me both more meaning in life as well as more time to reflect upon it. Here are 17 ruminations from those runs.
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