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Will run for pie!

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  • Running With atlasGO and Back on My Feet

  • How David became both an atlasGO and Garmin Ambassador!

  • 99th Statuto Race hosted by the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club

  • “David and Megan Roche, a husband-and-wife coaching team based in Boulder, Colorado, have a very strict philosophy when it comes to coaching: Some Work, All Play (SWAP). This ideology came in handy for San Francisco-based runner David Tran after realizing he missed a turn in a trail race, bumping him from fourth place to fifth. ‘I normally would have been really hard on myself for such a dumb mistake since I had studied the map,’ said Tran. ‘But I texted David [Roche], and he immediately helped me see how funny the situation was—I sprinted so fast past someone that I sprinted right past the finish, basically. In the grand scheme of things, I’ll probably remember this story and get a kick out of it for much longer than I’ll remember whether I got fourth of fifth at a race.’” Read more →

  • “The 41st Jed Smith Ultras was flat and fast along the American River Parkway in northern California. Sergio Morales and second-overall Bev Anderson-Abbs won the 50-mile race in 6:15 and 7:07, and David Tran and Sunduk Kim won the 50k in 3:33 and 4:11.” Read more →

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