Check out Naval Ravikant on Farnam Street’s Knowledge Project podcast.

“Life is a single player game. You’re born alone. You’re going to die alone. All of your interpretations are alone. All your memories are alone. You’re gone in three generations and no one cares. Before you showed up nobody cared. It’s all single player.” - @Naval on @farnamstreet

My mind immediately connected that to the ending lyric from my favorite song right now by @macklemore: Love is just a tool To remind us who we are And that we are not alone When we're walking in the dark

When I first heard these quotes, I def thought they were kind of morbid. Single player sounds lonely and meaningless. That seems to devalue love, relationships, society. “BUT HUMANS ARE SOCIAL ANIMALS!!!” “We need to work together to advance civilization.”

Those seemingly opposing thoughts actually aren’t entirely conflicting. If you actually recognize everyone else is playing their own single player game where YOU are just an NPC (non-player character) helping them complete THEIR quests, it’s actually uplifting and compelling.

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