What used to be a single Facebook newsfeed is now a multiverse of vertical feeds across many disparate services. This is great in some ways since it allows us runners to share unabashedly to Strava, but also leaves us with only one-dimensional glimpses into friends’ lives. I see these slivers of life and get recommendations across at least these services:

  • Strava: Training, races, fun routes, travel running 🗺
  • Goodreads: Books 📚
  • Spotify: Podcasts/music (although I’m not sure anyone else pays attention to that social sidebar on desktop) 🎧
  • Letterboxd: Movies/shows 📺
  • Flow Club: (Not yet quite a feed) Day-to-day work 💻
  • Twitter and Instagram for all the other life moments, travel, and a bit of everything ✈️👶🐶
  • Notifications are basically a feed as well, so then add Discord, Slack, Messages, Whatsapp, Insert your favorite messaging app for misc updates and recommendations

Is anyone working on a way to recombine all of these feeds, or is that just not worthwhile anymore?